LilyView is an easy to use lightweight image viewer

Download Trial Version 1.6, macOS 10.13+ Buy for $999

View images,nothing more

The point of LilyView is simple: elegant, efficient and fast.

There is no heavy photo library, no collection of “enhancing” filters. Most of time there is even no UI at all, just your images.

Simply click an image file and view it instantly. Browse through image folders with familiar trackpad gestures or using keyboard.

  • Chromeless

    View your images, not the interface. The controls are few and stay out of sight until you actually need them.

  • Touch-friendly

    You can literally touch an image – most actions can be done with natural Multi-Touch gestures.

  • Fast

    The application feels fast and responsive even when viewing gigapixel photos.

About us

We are a small team of indie Mac developers, who live in different countries, but share passion for making great software.

Taras Brizitsky

role: interaction and graphics designer
superpowers: turns sketches into apps

Russia taras_brizitsky

Val Komarov

role: code guy
superpowers: thinks in binary code

Ukraine val.komarov

Oleg Krupnov

role: classified
superpowers: controls entropy

Ukraine oleg_krupnov


Software Ambience would like to thank the following people and companies (in no order): Cuberto, Марат Абдрашитов, Владимир Яшников, Павел Грозян, Юрий Артюх, Петр Бондаревский, Coppertino